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This Asian Beauties ( website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00, or more!

If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue paying $5 (or higher) for every read/respond letter. ($5+$5=$10) You never stop paying the Russians who operate this website.

When Asian female sends letter with extra pictures attached, AB website permits you look at 1st pic free, then PAY 10 credits ($5 or higher) to open/view each additional picture.

If you try to insert your direct email, or personal address into your letter, the AB website has computer software which censors/blocks personal information. AB does not want you to exchange email/phone/address with the female members, because you are not allowed to communicate with the girls off the AB website.

When you ask for their personal email/address/phone, the girls will not provide it, and you will be told excuses, that they wish to communicate with you only on AB, where, of course, you keep paying credits to the Russian administrators.

In addition, the local Chinese translators may very well not provide/transfer your personal data/information to the girl when they do English--Chinese translation so the female may read your comments.

On the video/chat box online, you must pay 1 credit per minute just to send a text message with no cam. Or, you pay 2 credits per minute to see girl on cam. Credits cost between 40 to 80 cents determined by how many you buy in bulk in one transaction. One hour = 60 minutes X 40/80 cents = $24 to $48 per hour for text box, or $48 to $96 per hour for girl on web cam.

(All the Anastasia websites for Russian/Ukrainian/Asian, and AmoLatina websites operate on these same PAY always policies.)

ONLINE, you type message, PAY, transmit message, PAY, girl reads message, PAY, girl thinks response, PAY, girl types, PAY, girl transmits, PAY, you receive/read, PAY, and keep on PAYING every minute. You burn through your bank account, and Russian administrators go to luxurious nightclub and eat caviar/drink expensive vodka thanks to you!

On scam-report websites, some former AB male members report spending $$$ hundreds, even $3,000 worth of credits, and never make progress with these female members toward a serious relationship.

On Asian Beauties, my personal profile received several hundred letters from pretty Chinese females. I couldn't open/read them, because AB would charge thousands of dollars to do it, and thousands of dollars to respond to these nice women.

Two Chinese women claimed to have wealthy daddies, to be affluent, and offered to come to USA, buy me a house/car if I'd be their husband!! Wow! I was getting ready to write them a letter of interest, inviting them to make the trip here at their expense. And I reviewed the profile of a stunning Chinese girl who said she was here in Los Angeles. We exchanged 1 letter.

Then I noticed that I stopped receiving email from AB website, or notifications of new letters. I tried to log in, and was rejected. Tried to call their Customer Support with difficulty, sometimes on hold for 1 hour. Then I talked with Christina, Customer Support Manager in Russia. She was unable to provide explanation for why Ruslan, the 'Risk Manager,' deleted my account. I wanted to talk to Ruslan over telephone, but he was never available, and didn't telephone me later even though Christina promised he would.

Instead, Ruslan transmitted multiple emails asking me to photocopy both sides of my credit card, the back/front, and photocopy my personal ID, which could mean passport or state ID, and send both to him via email or fax to prove my identity to him!

What? Does this sound like an attempt to rip off my Identity, and tap my Credit Card until wiped out? Bank of America Customer Care and I both thought it did, and I certainly wasn't foolish enough to comply with Ruslan's request.

Now that Ruslan deleted my membership, I'll never find out if those Chinese girls were serious, or bluffing, about buying me a new house!! And Ruslan and Christina never explained why I was dropped.

My suspicion is that I wasn't spending enough money, not responding to the hundreds of letters. Some AB girls wrote me eight or nine letters trying to prompt a response from me.

So maybe AB drops frugal male members who are reluctant to blow big $$$, and spend just a small amount, and are highly selective in answering the females.

I just don't know, but I really wanted one of those rich Chinese girls to buy me a Beverly Hills mansion, and now I have to keep living in my tiny apartment instead!!

Sincerely, JOE Duffy

Los Angeles, California

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What did you except from a bunch of guys fetishizing over Asian girls?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #910907

What did you really expect from a mail order dating site??If you want a house ..GET A JOB loser!

If you want a girlfriend try dating like everyone else.You get what you pay for.

Akron, Ohio, United States #696994

You guys are so *** it's funny. I applaud the Russians for finding another way to take money for idiots.

Go to your local pub next time because you do not have enough brain cells to use online dating sites.

captain planet
to Dave #907163

Don't bother

A . strip club you probably have more chance with a woman than at the girls are bone fide *** least at a strip club youll most likely see her again the following week

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #688615

i had the same experiences with you that i talked only with 4 ladies & ignore the hundreds of rest.

now i am unable to log in my account....

it is a scam dating site

Richmond, Virginia, United States #613427

Joe Duffy is 100% absolutely right gentlemen AB is a scam.go to i wrote a piece on AB experience I had.

Joe Duffy the chinese girl with the rich father does not exist I chatted with one that father was in the circuit board industry and she discussed how she lived in a villa and would buy me a house and all after we got married. I knew it was fake because during a long chat her comments started to repeat that cued me that the girl,profile was fake. I even saw her in video there without the makeup I was convinced she was real until the responses repeated. I would go as far to say the video may not have been real i wish i had asked her to move around or make gestures.

Then again how do you know she was a girl interested I think AB would go as far to put a woman their to pretend to like you to take all the money they can from you. I tell you they will go to any lengths to scam you I am a savy online dating user and it took all my experience and skills to sniff out the fakes here.

Ultimately because the site does not have credibility,you don't know which are real and which are fakes really.At the end of the day fly to china and meet these rich women or professional women some guys have spent 3 grand are you kidding me you could go there twice for that money and maybe have a nice chinese woman.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #599188

naturally this site is the same and operates exactly the same way that Anastasiadate works, same chat pop-ups, same fees, and the girls act exactly the same...

one of the biggest scam companies out there, don't waste your time or money with this


of course this kind of site is a scam, almost every meeting sites are scams, and about did you really believe you were chatting with real asian girls or that so many of them wanted to speak to you ?

creating a bot that speaks to you is really too easy for them not to think of

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada #586773

I understand completely what Mr. Duffy has had to say about Asian Beauties. This website is a part of a larger family of sites that do the same thing to their clients - they could care less - all they care about is making money.


"scatological" Does this have something to do with *** you sicko.

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